Friday, June 22, 2007*
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discussion over communication has been rising again
since the introduction of
web 2.0
these communications networks fall prone to ueberformung
the reshaping
of the communication processes with technical
appliances which multiply
"communication" in a way
that it becomes redundant and blocks

in this work i want to combine the element of CONSUMPTION
inevitably remains) as endpoint;
with the initial intention of COMMUNICATING.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006


sky scope is a small black box which plugs into any screen. the box contains a program which generates an endless range of sky scapes which change seamlessly. the software works on a system of nodes which are bound to one another in line with the scientific patternings derived from the elemental behaviour of clouds and the preasure which surrounds nd effects them.

perfect for offices without windows and homes without a view.

the VTECH globe - modifictions
[Art Tech Media]

the age of optimism
Features & Specifications
Young explorers jump into the pilot's seat to get a closer look at our world. With the Fly & Learn Globe, junior geographers meet with the lives of other children across the globe. They can hear their languages and music, and discover the infamous wonders, conflicts and unrest through interactive play and without having to leave home.
Fun airplane sounds and songs add to the fun as children guide the plane with the directional joystick.
Fun airplane sounds and songs add to the fun and excitement.
Five play modes teach about the suffering of whole continents, their wars, languages and all the while, quizzing children on other geographic topics.

Shipping Weight (in pounds): 4.5
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 10.2 x 7.1 x 12.5
Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
Origin of Components: Imported
Wal-Mart No.: 000713723

also available:
art calling; the digital globe
translated by cultura.

Friday, March 03, 2006

RE:cycle -- t.v.s./ cope rope

re:cycle is a body of work which addreses environmental issues.

t.v.s. interface
t.v.s. is essentialy a simple concept. on entering the gallery room the viewer would hear a crowd of noises, but would be able to see nothing. when turning the viewer would see, in the corner of the room, a pile of old televisions with footage screened through each one.
the footage would be affected by each screen's "broakeness".

the footage
  • several of the screens would feature footage collected through the streaming tales art happening.
  • streaming tales deals with ghetoized or marginolized communities by symaltaniously streaming representitives of such communities as they tell their tale.

it is t.v.s.'s intention that the juxtaposition of these tales, again symaltaniously, would reflect on how sociaty has the tendency to "brush things under the carpet". that it is easy to forget about the real state or that the "illusion" of developed civilization, that such a state is as ignorant as it is fragile.
other screens wold be hooked up with cctv cameras, some hidden within the t.v.s. pile and others in other appropriate locations.. such as a local high street. it would be interesting to have representative on the street who would be asking people who are leaving the shops how much money they have spend. and to have these statistics beamed live into some led screen or some other feed.
i intend to get t.v.s. screens from the counsil tip as they are kept to one side and are not mistreated so that the t.v's can be reappropriated. i will take some footage there of cars and people comming and going...
it is possible that other works of a similar nature may be intagrated into t.v.s. that footage could be looped and syncronized etc..
i would like for this instalation to take place in some city other than that in which streaming tales [sheffield] would occur [should it occur?].

cope rope
cope rope is a temporary public instalation which is, thankfully, nearly finished!
imagine that you are walking through the woods, you notice an unfarmiliar sound. not the traffic in the distance, something that isn't normally there. then a little way down the path you see a chord dangling from a bush. you read it... [the card will ask you if you dare follow it into the thicket].
this cord will take the viewers past a series of carrier bags which are caught in the branches of bushes and trees. each bad is marked with either text or image portraying global statistics and

"tidyness is not a solution"

evidence of the damage that the careless use of plastic is doing to the environment.. im going to run some experiments in laminating and mounting the carrier bags for added durability and possible framing.. [there's no great hurry as it just started snowing, but summer is on the way! :) ]

"about eight million carrier bags are made in the uk each year, but only 1 in 200 are recycled."